Nirma Institute Of Technology Wins Robocon India 2008!

Yep. Nirma Institute Of Technology, Ahmedabad has won Robocon India 2008 after beating MIT, Pune in the finals!

The semi-finalists were:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  • Nirma Institute Of Technology, Ahmedabad.
  • Maharashtra Institute Of Technology, Pune.
  • Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

And the finalists were:

  • Nirma Institute Of Technology, Ahmedabad.
  • Maharashtra Institute Of Technology, Pune.

And the winner was: Nirma Institute Of Technology, Ahmedabad.

Kudos! It was a great performance by NIT, Ahmedabad. The final score was 27-21 in favour of NIT! Now, as the International Robocon is being held in Pune, India on 31st August 2008 and as two teams from the host nation are allowed in it, India will be represented by both NIT, Ahmedabad and MIT, Pune in that competition. Yipee! Let’s wish them the very best of luck!

It would have been better if MIT, Pune had won though. You know, just that satisfaction of a Puneri team having won would have been there. Heck, let’s hope for better luck next time.

Wondering what Robocon is all about? Read my previous post: It’s Time For Robocon-2008!

You can also see the following video to understand what Robocon is all about:

Website: ABU ROBOCON 2008

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18 responses to “Nirma Institute Of Technology Wins Robocon India 2008!

  1. All I see there are Nits Wits :p

    Beating IIT D is quite an achievement, I’d say.

    You an engi too, Krishna?

  2. Yep, IIT D was beaten by MIT, Pune in the semis. The IITians are routinely beaten by other teams in such competitions. They are just normal guys. It is we who make such a fuss about them.

    Yes, I am an engi too. Currently studying Third Year Mechanical Engineering in Pune.

  3. What happened to IIT Powai this time ?

  4. IIT Powai participated in the competition but did not reach even the quarter finals. Out of all the IITs , only IIT Delhi reached the knockout stages.

  5. iit b blew its motor driving circuits, so they withdrew. they were using mosfets to drive their circuits, without heat sinks if i remember correctly :( but great bots anyways

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  7. Urvish Gohil

    I have seen IIT D’s performance earlier..
    nothing gr8 in those guys…
    they won last time by luck…
    they even dont knw circuit for driving motors through mosfet…
    newz, Nirma Rocked it again… 4/7 times…

  8. Get it in your head guys

    NO one messes with Nirma

  9. @Urvish Gohil and @Anonymous
    Yep, it seems the other institutes of India are catching up with the IITs.

  10. Yeah .Nirma seriously rocks .
    IIT B was my favorite anyway .

    Last year I think IIT D won by luck ,
    It should have go to IIT Powai .
    Lots of us saw Amol Deshmukh crying after losing in behind the arena :( ..

  11. Yep,
    iit’s r fastly losing talented techies to these institutes mainly bcoz iit has only name no
    as, students think they have got a ticket to success if got thru iit-jee.
    all the best NIRMA

  12. Jai Nirma!!

  13. @Krishna Aradhi

    We are normal people ..we accept
    but u r the peculiar ones,u ll remain where u r forever….after coming out of the college i’ll love to meet u…where u are and where we are(THE NORMAL PEOPLE)

  14. Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chak de INDIA

  15. Good
    But Pune is not to much behind

    WE WON BY A MIRGIN OF 6PTZ..NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. iit is iit …u all wont b abl 2 indratndit

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